Detect Intruders and Protect Assets

Norteric Honeypot Tools and Services

Detect Intruders

Detect Ransomware

Validate Controls

Reduce Risk

Why use Honeypots?
Detect activities that bypass your perimeter controls, including attackers and ransomware.

Identify potential malicious activity and reduce risk while your cybersecurity programs are built, funded, and matured.

  • Deploy Honeypots Across Your Security Zones
  • Receive High Quality Signals
  • Low False Positives
  • Hardware, Virtualized, and Cloud Honeypots
  • Use Around Your Core Assets
  • Strategically Deployed for Effectiveness
  • We do the monitoring for you
  • Minimal Cost

Let us help protect your school.
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Why are Honeypots so effective?

With juicy and seemingly vulnerable targets in sight… attackers will go for the attractive targets.

"Criminals just can't help themselves"
Retired Texas Senior Warden